ME1008 Brush-Type DC Motor

ME1008 Brush-Type DC Motor
Item# ME1008

Product Description

This ME1008 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. It is a Totally enclosed version of the ME1003. Capable of 6.4 KW continuous and 20 KW for 30 seconds (at 72 VDC). For voltages from 12 to 72 VDC input and 100 amps continuous (300 amps for 1 minute). Designed for battery operated equipment. Motor weight of 39 pounds.

ME1008 Outline DrawingME1013 Brush Holder Kit
ME1013 Brush Holder Kit
Brush Holder Kit for the ME1003, ME1008, ME1007, and ME1004 motors. Comes with 16 new brushes fully assembled, and 16 new springs. Easy to replace by removing the 4 Phillips Head screws on the black steel cover, then 4 bolts M5 that hold the Brush Holder to the aluminum base.